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About Epic Affair

Darryl Yee - Videographer - Photographer

darryl-yee-1.jpgDarryl’s career began in the late 80’s as a staff photographer for the UC San Diego Guardian while he was studying photography in the Visual Arts program. By 2003, his interests in visual arts expanded into videography and Epic Affair was launched to provide a creative approach to event and wedding coverage.

What is your approach to covering events and weddings?

My main goal is to deliver quality event photography and videography coverage at a reasonable price. We are there to cover your event – not become a part of it – so we go out of our way to keep ourselves (and our equipment) from being a distraction to your guests and attendees. This is a top priority for me since my future clients could very well be one of your guests.

What is your approach to editing video?

Simple – I edit with your intended audience in mind. Who will be watching the video, and how will the story best be told? I try to avoid falling into the trap of editing to impress other videographers and always keep sight of my clients’ needs.

What kind of video equipment do you use?

We use the right equipment for the job. Most of the time we use DSLRs for video, but they have limitations that put them at a disadvantage in certain situations. For instance, “run-and-gun” events (ones that have a lot of movement or scene changes) are best covered with conventional video cameras.

We also use Glidecams and sliders, but not to the obnoxious extent many videographers are using them right now. After all, we are covering your event – not making a promotional video for Glidecams and sliders.

How long does it take to get the final product?

It takes about 6 weeks to get your photos back. Videos take 1-4 months.

Do you film or photograph same-gender weddings?


What else do you do?

I’m actually now a Realtor. I just can’t stand seeing people spend a lot of good money on really bad video or photos. My other career has the flexibility to allow me to continue doing what I enjoy, and it also enables me to offer my services at a reasonable price. Most likely you were referred to me by a past client, and I would cover your event with the same enthusiasm I have had since 2003.


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